Denver Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels are panels designed to absorb the rays of the sun and convert those rays into energy for generating electricity or heating. These panels, because they depend heavily on being able to absorb the rays of the sun. Solar Panels need to be cleaned regularly in order to function at optimum levels. This is especially true...

Why is It So Important to Clean Commercial Solar Panels?

There are only two real reasons why people own solar panels commercially. One is so you can make a profit out of it and two is so you can make a significant contribution to help fight the adverse environmental effects of non-renewable energy. Most the time both reasons go hand in hand.

It is important to clean commercial solar panels because having dust on a huge expanse of panels could have significant effects on how much energy from the sun the panels can absorb and eventually convert into energy. In relation to that, dusty panels mean less renewable energy which means, further reliance on coal and other non-renewable sources of energy.

What is the best way To Clean Commercial Solar Panels?

There is several ways to clean commercial solar panels. There’s the traditional way where workers physical wipe down the panels using sponges and squeegees using solutions that are safe to use on the panels. One of the best ways to clean the panels though is through pure water cleaning.

What is Pure Water Cleaning?

Pure water cleaning employs a system where water is filtered through a mixed-bed of de-mineralizing resin. The resin not only filters dirt and impurities it also removes minerals that may react with the panels or leave nasty residues on them. The water is delivered through a water-fed pole using adjustable pressure.

Why is Pure Water Cleaning Ideal for Commercial Solar Panels?

As mentioned above the purified water no longer has minerals that may interact with the solar panel’s material. It will also leave no residue. Another reason why pure water cleaning is ideal is because unlike traditional cleaning where a person is going to have to wipe down all of the panels one after the other, a trained operator can just spray water on large area of panels in under a minute and then move on to another patch of panels. Pure water cleaning simply just takes less time and is more effective.