Denver Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

As the global population starts to shift towards more renewable sources of energy, solar panels are becoming a more common occurrence in suburbs everywhere. Amongst all renewable energy options (wind turbines, hydrogen fueled cells etc.) solar energy is the only one that can be scaled big enough to occupy hundreds of hectares of land to create a commercial solar energy farm and scaled small enough to provide just enough energy for a family home.

Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

Yes, like all other parts of your home your solar panels need cleaning. Over time your solar panels will start to collect dirt and dust. An accumulation of dust on your panels could impede them from absorbing the optimum amount of heat from the sun.

Keep your solar panels functioning at optimum levels by cleaning them every once in a while.

Pure Water Solar Panel Cleaning

Our pure water window cleaning uses purified water delivered through a water-fed pole. The cleaning system itself will have mixed-bed system of de-mineralizing resin that removes dirt and other impurities as well minerals in the water. This means that the water being used is the purest kind.

What are its Benefits?

One of the most important benefits of using pure water cleaning to clean your solar panels at home is that fact that purified water leaves no residue. Some chemicals in the water (like chlorine) can react with your solar panels and do damage on them overtime.

Pure (purified) water is also one the most effective solvents known to man. Without its impurities, pure water can interact with dust, grime and other impurities and dissolve them. This leaves your solar panels looking and functioning like new.

Most residential solar panels are found on roof tops. This is because panels need to be placed strategically in areas that are most hit by sunlight (i.e. the roof). Cleaning solar panels from that high up can be quite dangerous to the workmen. The pure water cleaning system allows us to clean solar panels safely from the ground instead of you having to go all the way to the roof to wipe the solar panels down.