Denver Screen Cleaning

Benefits of Window Screen Cleaning

When you finally open your windows on the first day of spring after months of closing them because of the cold winter, the first thing you expect is a cold crisp breeze of pure air. Not so fast. After month of being closed your window screens might not be so pristine. Assuming your house has been closed for months, as it probably has been, it is safe to assume that air and dust continuously circulates in your home. These dust particles, human and animal dander and dirt can get caught in your window screens.

Regularly Cleaning Your Windows Can Improve Their Lifespan

Things get stuck in window screens, that’s just how it is. All those tiny corners are just perfect for lodging into of dust and dander. Some of these dust particles tend to be acidic (especially organic material like animal droppings etc.) and can potentially erode your window screens.

Cleaning your window screens once in a while can help keep them in tip-top shape. Since you also won’t be replacing them as often, cleaning your widows can actually save you lots of money in the long run.

Cleaning Window Screens Improves Window Visibility

We often blame the rain when our once crystal clear windows get smudged and splattered with dirty water after just a couple hours of rain. Is it really the rain water though that’s making our windows so dirty? It probably isn’t.

All that dirt trapped on your window screens is partly to blame. When it starts raining, the rain hits the dirty and dusty window screens creating muddy water that tends to splash onto the windows. Having your window screens cleaned regularly will sure improve window visibility.

Why Should You Hire a Professional to Clean Your Windows Screens?

Hiring a professional to clean your windows seems like a highly unnecessary additional cost. It is does incur some additional cost, we’ll give you that, but it is not completely unnecessary. For one, having your windows cleaned by a professional ensures that it is done right. Also, it is just far more convenient to let somebody else do it. All of our homes have hard to reach windows that are a hassle to clean. Window screen cleaning professionals, especially those who use pure water cleaning, can clean those windows without even having to try! Cleaning windows also means that you’re going to have to get to dangerous heights to clean all of them. Just have a professional do it an save yourself the trouble and the chance of falling off a ladder.