Pure Water Window Cleaning Denver

Benefits of Pure Water Window Cleaning

Pure Water Window Cleaning is the latest technology in the industry. De-ionized is pumped through a window washing brush cleaning the exterior of your windows and frame leaving a streak spot free shine.

The popularity of this type of window cleaning is on the rise with more and more households and businesses preferring this method over traditional water cleaning.

Below are some of the benefits of the pure water system that will help you, the reader, understand all the hype around it.

Pure Water Window Cleaning is Safer

Literally just pure water is used for this system. No soap, no chemicals, nothing. Not even sponges are used to clean windows using this system. Basically, water is filtered through a mixed-bed system of de-mineralizing resin in order to remove impurities and even minerals. This water is so pure you could probably drink it, although we don’t suggest it.

The pressure of the water is sprayed on the window at low pressures and scrubbed and the pure water leaves a streak free finish. Also, because only pure water is used no minerals or dirt can interfere with the waters ability to dissolve dirt from the windows making the water doubly effective at doing its job.

Unlike traditional window cleaning where a person has to be at great heights in order to reach windows and clean them, pure water window cleaning can clean the windows from a distance eliminating the need to be up high with the windows.

Pure Water Window Cleaning Takes Less Time

Moving from room to room or all over the façade of the house or building in order to access windows takes a lot of time and effort. Add to that the fact that you’ll have to lug your cleaning equipment around. In an industry where the number of windows your clean highly correlates with your income, time is gold. The reason why so many service providers are switching to pure water window cleaning is because of how much more work they get done in a day now that they don’t have to go all spider man on people’s homes.

Pure Water Window Cleaning Can Reach Higher

As mentioned above, the pressure produced by the cleaning system eliminates the need for cleaners to be so high up above the ground. This is good news because a good number of fatalities and accidents can happen to window cleaners. Having the option to clean high windows form the ground will surely give businesses and home owner’s peace of mind.